Saturday, January 27, 2007

Productive days

Well, that's it I landed in New York just six hours ago and it sure felt good to be in the States. I was impressed with the friendly attitude of people here, from border control, to customs, to simple folks who offered to help when I was a bit lost at JFK... And how about customer service? I just love North America for that too. Anyway. These are interesting days for me both because my customers are offering enticing and challenging projects and because I am learning so much on the momentous changes happening in media, entertainment and marketing. For example, Joost is an amazing environment (I'll write about that later) and if any of you wants an invitation I would gladly enter your details. And of course, with such an exciting customer as Vanksen Group, I am watching very carefully marketing, advertising and communication. One of their latest operations is particularly remarkable I find because it very much looks like guerrilla advertising against the established market leader (Gilette). Take a look at this ad, which needs no translation although it is in French:

Looking forward to AlwaysOn Media next week!


  1. Excellent ad! I was wondering who and when will the folly of blade multiplication be addressed. This is now done ;-)

  2. Yes, and the creators have been kind enough not to speak about other fancy stuff that one can find in this space (batteries & stuff)... I am glad your inner disagreement with a trend of our times was addressed in a way that seems to please you :-)