Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Your density of clicks is exciting!

The AlwaysOn OnMedia NYC conference is continuing with some pretty interesting sessions this morning, where I met Benno Wasserstein, a fascinating entrepreneur from the UK. Benno is very passionate about his company, Box UK, a UK based Internet consultancy that built clickdensity  a great product Benno showed this morning. Clickdensity is great for optimizing the usability of web sites and understanding how visitors actually interact with a site: the product will show you cool "heat maps" showing the relative intensity of clicks on various areas of a web page, click maps and "customer paths" on your page, while it also keeps track of data such as display time and time it takes for a visitor to click on a link... Amazing product, great person representing the company. Definitely people I will put in touch with a couple of customers and partners for some mutually beneficial interactions!
Here's an interview I had earlier today with Benno, whom I erroneously call Brenno at some point because that's how his name was spelled on the program of the conference. Apologies for that Benno.

Video sent by alexpapa

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